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This site is all for Jesus. It was put together to help you, the guitarist and worshipper to focus on God – spend less time getting the right chords and lyrics. Nevertheless, artists put in much time and effort to piece their songs. Please support the artists’ original content by only obtaining music from official sources and paying royalties (if you’re a performer) through your local music association or subscription to SongSelect by CCLI.


The Website refers to “” and its subsites.

The Administrator refers to any contributor of the Website.

Content refers to lyrics and chords made available on the Website.

Cell Group Meeting refers to the gathering of a private group for religious purposes which is not open to the public.

Personal use (or ‘worship’) refers to the private worship of an individual.


  1. Encourage Praise and Worship in Cell Group Meetings or personal worship through the ease of accessing chords. As websites and archives are taken down periodically, it is increasingly difficult to find accurate chords in preparation for Cell Group Meetings or for Personal use. The administrators act in good faith in providing the content for the worship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
  2. The website leverages on non-pervasive Search Engine Optimisation tools, such that its resources can be found effectively.
  3. Use of transposing tool on the Website is limited to helping the guitarist who may find difficulty in playing songs written in their original key.
  4. There is no intent for the website to be a ministry and the website disclaim all affiliations to any persons, artist, groups, church, institution, band, organisation or company.
  5. There is no intent for the website to extend the interest of any persons, artist, groups, church institution, band, organisation or company.
  6. Chords and lyrics are retrieved from original and public sources such as but not limited to: original CD, music from official YouTube ( channels, music from Spotify. The administrators seek to attribute all copyright to the original owners.
  7. This is a not-for-profit website and does not accept any donations and there is no intent for commercial gain. No advertisements of a commercial nature are run on this website.
  8. Weblinks to each Content’s official youtube channels and official store may be displayed from time to time. Weblinks are reasonably placed such that the commerical interest of the original copyright holders may be met.
  9. All users are encouraged to purchase the original copies of artist’s music and sheet music.
  10. There is no intent to discredit the copyright of the original owners of their music and lyrics. Refer to paras on Copyright below.


  1. All content belong to their original copyright owners.
  2. The administrators disclaim all copyrights to content.
  3. The content is not a true source.
  4. The administrators acknowledge possible errors in the compiling of content and by no means intent to misinform its users or discredit the original artists. Reasonable efforts were made by the administrators to ensure the content are presented in their original manner.
  5. The administrators do not accept any responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may be suffered or occasioned by any person howsoever arising due to any inaccuracy, omission, misrepresentation or error in respect of any information and content provided by this website.

Terms of use

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  1. The doctrine of Fair Use to copyright content.
  2. Strictly limit the use of any content to personal worship (Cell Group Meetings) or education.
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  4. Not reproduce any content on this website.
  5. Not use any content on this website for personal gain or performance.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

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  2. In order to improve the site, “cookies” may be used to track your visit.
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  4. No personal data is kept on the website and its servers or databases. Comments will be removed in a timely manner once the intended subject is addressed.

Your Rights

In any event you (the copyright holder, or administrator of a copyright) decides that this website has infringed your rights, please write to us at and Within 5 days, the chords would be removed. Rights of third parties are not observed.

This does not serve as a contract of any form and is purely a notice.

Changes in Notice

The contents foregoing may be reviewed and change from time to time.

Yours in Christ, always,
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