5 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings


1. Elixer Guitar Strings

Elixir Strings Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w NANOWEB Coating are well known to be long lasting. This is my go to strings, the bright sounding tone lasts for at least a year. I can go up to 2 years with these strings on my guitar if I keep them well. Besides the NANOWEB coating, there is also the POLYWEB coating, a quick breakdown on these 2 below:

POLYWEB: Warm, robust, and “played-in”. Slick and fast feel on the strings.
NANOWEB: Rich & Full tone. Smoother, more traditional feel on the strings.

The strings gauge come in Extra Light, Light, Light Medium and Medium. I usually go for Medium for a richer and full tone.

2. D’Addario

The D’Addario EXP16 Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, offers a Warm, Bright and Well-Balanced Acoustic Tone and 4x Longer Life – With NY Steel for Strength and Pitch Stability.

The strings gauge come in Plain Steel .012, .016, Phosphor Bronze Wound .024, .032, .042, .053. I recommend a heavier gauge to prevent string stretch which affects the tuning. Again, these are great strings to product bright and well-balance acoustic sounds – perfect for strumming.

3. Ernie Ball

The Ernie Ball Earthwood Light 80/20 Bronze are cheaper strings that produce bright sounds which are what guitarists need for modern praise and worship songs. If you want to keep your guitar strings new and bright sounding, these would be your go to strings. The middle tones from these strings are a winner for some.

The Ernie Ball strings come in the following gauges, Extra Light (10-50), Light (11-52), Medium Light (12-54), Medium (13-56), Rock and Blues (10-52), 12-String Light (9-46), and 12-String Medium (11-28)

4. Martin

Martin Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings are engineered using a new, patented technology only available from Martin. This technology was developed to protect the core wire and the wrap wire to prevent corrosion without compromising tone – The single most important attribute of the guitar strings. Authentic acoustic lifespan 2.0 strings look better, sound better, and feel better, providing a smooth playing experience that reduces finger drag. We invested two years developing our next generation lifespan 2.0 strings to ensure they will sound better, longer than any Other extended-life string on the market. Available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 phosphor bronze. Martin authentic acoustic lifespan 2.0 strings offer next generation treatment for long life, Great playability and feel, and superior reliability with authentic tone.

The Martin Strings come in Custom Light, Extra Light, Light, Medium.

5. Gibson
The Gibson Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings are premium guitar strings from Gibson with deep tones which are good for plucking.

The Gibson Strings come in Ultra Light, Light, Medium.

All in all, every individual have different liking for tones and every one plays in a different style. The strings promise a good build and are among the higher range of strings from each brand which promises good build and less broken strings.

6. Dean Markley Blue Steel

The Dean Markley Blue Steel Guitar Strings are a special mention as they have been my go to strings when I was a beginner until I switched to the Elixer Strings. The life span of Blue Steel strings are not as long as the rest mentioned but the tone is unforgivingly brilliant. The only issue is that the strings are ‘soft’ or bendable thus more prone to breaking. These are currently my go-to replacement strings – especially for the 5th and 6th string (thinnest) due to the brilliance in its tone.

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