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Christmas Songs

Chinese 中文

The Greatest Peace 巨大的寧靜 – 新店行道會創作
深深爱祢 I’m In Love With You – Kari Jobe
能不能 (Let Me Stay) – Stream of Praise
开我的双眼 – Pintung Peach Church
胜利的欢呼 Victory’s cry – 新造敬拜 New Creation Church
仰望 Behold – Jesus Worship 新造敬拜 New Creation Church
因祢爱我 (Because You Love Me) – 新造敬拜 (New Creation Worship)
你愛已經得勝 – Jesus Worship (新生命小組教會 New Life Church)
Rise Up For You – Jesus Worship (新生命小組教會 New Life Church)
我深深渴慕 – Jesus Worship (新生命小組教會 New Life Church)
十架上的愛 – Jesus Worship (新生命小組教會 New Life Church)
我已得胜 – 城市丰收华文聚会 (City Harvest Church / SOT)
我美好救主 (KasihMu Bapa) – 城市丰收华文聚会 (CHC)
祢的愛 – 城市丰收华文聚会 (CHC)
纯洁如金 (Pure as Gold) – 城市丰收聚会 City Harvest Church
偉大的主 – 城市丰收聚会 City Harvest Church
耶稣给了我自由 – 城市丰收聚会 City Harvest Church
當祢找到我 (當你找到我/ 當祢找到我)- 城市丰收聚会 City Harvest Church
直到最后 (Till The End of Time)- 城市丰收聚会 City Harvest Church
聖靈請你來充滿我心 Come Holy Spirit (Chinese) – City Harvest Church

Japanese 日本語
10000 Reasons Bless The Lord (Japanese) – Matt Redman
As the Deer (Panteth For The Water) 鹿のように – Japanese
How Great is Our God (Japanese) – Chris Tomlin
I Give You My Heart (Japanese) – Hillsong
Still (静まってしれ) – Hillsong
Miracle 奇跡 (Japanese) – City Harvest Church (CHC)/ City Worship

Korean 한국어
J-US – Born Again

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