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I need a new piano for worship use. Help me choose?

In the realm of home worship, a digital piano serves as a versatile and indispensable tool for musicians and worshippers alike. When selecting the ideal instrument for your sacred space, it’s crucial to consider several key factors that can significantly impact your musical experience. A few main factors to consider when purchasing a piano for home praise & worship.

1. Speaker Volume
One of the most critical aspects of a digital piano for home worship is the speaker volume. The ability to fill your worship space with rich, resonant tones is paramount. Look for a digital piano with robust built-in speakers that provide clear and powerful sound without distortion. Some models even come equipped with speaker systems designed to replicate the acoustics of a grand piano, ensuring a lifelike and immersive musical experience during worship sessions. Test the volume range and quality before making a decision to ensure that your piano can meet the acoustic demands of your home worship environment.

2. Ease of Use:
In the context of home worship, simplicity and user-friendliness are essential. Choose a digital piano that offers an intuitive interface and controls. Look for models with easy-to-navigate menus, a clear display, and straightforward button layouts. A piano with user-friendly features will enhance your ability to focus on worship without the distraction of complex settings. Additionally, consider a piano with quick access buttons for essential functions such as volume control, transposition, and sound selection, allowing for seamless transitions during worship sessions.

3. Portability/Weight
The portability and weight of a digital piano are crucial considerations, especially for those who may need to move or transport their instrument regularly. If your home worship space is flexible or if you plan to take the piano to different locations for events, opt for a lightweight and portable model. Many digital pianos now come with a slim and compact design without compromising on sound quality. Additionally, look for models with features like detachable stands or folding options for added convenience in transportation.

4. Sound Library
The sound library of a digital piano is another vital factor to consider. Different worship songs may require a diverse range of sounds, from classic piano tones to organ, strings, and choir voices. Choose a digital piano with a versatile sound library that caters to the specific musical styles and preferences of your worship community. Some models even allow users to customize and save their own settings, providing a personalized touch to your worship experience.

Our recommendations:
1. Roland FP-10 or Roland FP-30

Both the FP-10 and FP-30 have the same hammer action keyboard which is perfect for expressing praise & worship with varying light & heavy touches. The responsiveness is what makes this digital keyboard one of the top-sellers in the last decade.

The main difference here is that the FP-10 has two 6watt speakers and FP-30X has two 11watt speakers. In layman terms, 6watt speakers’ sound would fill a small room for 5-8 people comfortably. While the FP-30X speakers would fill a living room for 12-20 people comfortably.

Other technicalities which probably won’t make or break your decision. The FP-30 has 128 polyphony, while the FP-10 has 96. Some say the FP-10 is enough for beginners and intermediate players, but advanced pianists might need the higher polyphony of the FP-30. The FP-30 has 35 onboard sounds, while the FP-10 has 15.

The price difference is between $150 to $200 for the FP-30X which we think is a great deal for the incremental upgrades.

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