Game Ideas

Games are meant as a kick-start to a Cell Group Meeting (whether young or old!) – as a ice-breaker, create some warmth and excite the members. It also helps to take stress off people’s mind as they become children for the few moments. Such time is precious!

That said, we all know that preparing cell-group games can be intimidating and stressing. Here are a list of games that you could lead during your own meetings. We kept in mind that the games are intended for small to medium sized groups.

Action/Fast movement (but not tiring)
Animal Farm
Chasing Items
Coins On The Face
Fastest Catch
Heart Attack – Game
Pick Them Up
Ping Pong Air
Sa, Fan Sa
Stand Up Sequence
Running Man Game of Wits
Tic Tac Toe Relay – Game
Wishing Well

Bible Pictionary – Game
Chain Drawings
Telephone Speed Drawing
Jigsaw Drawings (Bible Story)
React and Guess

Perfect Story
Running Man Wang Bang Bang 왕방방 – Game
Spot the Difference

General Knowledge
Guess that Movie
Guess that Song
Fight List

구구단을 외자 벌칙게임 (Multiplication Game)
삼-육-구 – 3-6-9

Relationship Building (Knowing each other)
Character Pair Up
Fact or Fiction
Two Truths and A Claim
What’s Common
What’s In The Bag

Home Tabletop Soccer

Team Building (Creating things together)
Skyscraper Marshmellows

Word based
Charades (various)
Complete the Story
Running Man Lee Kwang Soo Game – Game
Running Man Song Jihyo Game – Game
Word Snake

More games to come.. write to us at to contribute! 🙂