Running Man Call My Name – Game


Number of players: 4+
Time: 2min+ per game
Ages: 12+
Materials: Paper, Pen or Mobile Phone (Gamemaster sends mystery character as an image)
Location: Indoor

This is game where players ask each other questions and guess the mystery character they are representing.


  1. Gamemaster hands out character cards to all players
  2. Each round, each player holds up their character cards above their heads and starts asking questions about their character.
  3. Players can guess their mystery character at anytime. If a player gets it wrong, he can be made to do a simple penalty. If a player gets it right, he is placed first in that round.
  4. Where time permits, play until all players get their guesses right.

Sample Characters:

  • Players in the room
  • Bible Character: Jesus/ Moses/ David/ John/ Aaron/ Daniel
  • Superheroes: Spiderman/ Thor/ Superman/ Wolverine/ Cyclops/ Thor/ Green Lantern/ Hulk/ Iron Man
  • Cartoon: Bart Simpson/ Mickey Mouse/ Donald Duck/ SpongeBob/ Scooby Doo/ Minions/ Peppa Pig/ Cinderella/ Shrek
  • Movie Characters: Darth Vader/ Harry Potter/ The Rock/ Captain Jack Sparrow/ E.T./ Dracula/ James Bond/ Jackie Chan/
  • Celebrities

Sample Questions:

  • Is my character a girl/guy?
  • Have I met my character before?
  • Is my character a superhero/ cartoon?

For list of simple forfeits, here!

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