Number of players: 6+ Time: 8min+ per game Ages: 7+ Materials: Paper, Pen Location: Indoor/Outdoor Summary: This is a game where players survive by not acting/saying the taboo actions/words assigned to them. Setup: Each players are given 2 post-its/ stickers and markers. Each player to write 1 taboo action and 1 taboo word for another (specifically assigned) player on the post-its/ stickers Players place their post-its/stickers with the words on somewhere visible to other players only (not visible to themselves and players’ are not supposed to know their own taboo words) If post-its are not available, you can use A4 paper. Fold the paper in half and place it standing infront of each player – taboo words facing out. Steps: All players to start normal conversations and try to get each other to act/saying the taboo action/words. If a player acts/says their taboo action/words, that player gets a simple forfeit.…

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Number of players: 4+ Time: 2min+ per game Ages: 12+ Materials: Paper, Pen or Mobile Phone (Gamemaster sends mystery character as an image) Location: Indoor This is game where players ask each other questions and guess the mystery character they are representing. Steps: Gamemaster hands out character cards to all players Each round, each player holds up their character cards above their heads and starts asking questions about their character. Players can guess their mystery character at anytime. If a player gets it wrong, he can be made to do a simple penalty. If a player gets it right, he is placed first in that round. Where time permits, play until all players get their guesses right. Sample Characters: Players in the room Bible Character: Jesus/ Moses/ David/ John/ Aaron/ Daniel Superheroes: Spiderman/ Thor/ Superman/ Wolverine/ Cyclops/ Thor/ Green Lantern/ Hulk/ Iron Man Cartoon: Bart Simpson/ Mickey Mouse/ Donald Duck/ SpongeBob/…

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Number of players: 5+ Time: 1min+ per round (depending on players) Ages: 12+ Props needed: Whistle (Optional) Language: Any Location: Indoor This is a fast fire question and answer game. Each player takes turns to answers questions. The catch is that each question has to be answered within 5 seconds and it has to be false or a lie, hence Pinocchio’s answer. Players which do not give a false answer, losses and gets eliminated. One winner is emerges at the end of the game. Sample Questions What is your name? What did you do this morning? What are you going to do tomorrow? What did you eat for breakfast? What month are you born in? What is your weight/ height? Who do you like the most? Who do you talk to the most on the phone? How do you call your mum/ dad/ spouse/ kids? How do you go to school/ work? How old are…

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Number of players: 5+ Time: 5min+ per round (depending on players) Ages: 12+ Props needed: Water, Cup, Kettle or Tea Pot, Colored Tape, Blindfold Language: Any Location: Preferably Outdoor The aim of the game is for the main player to pour water (without spilling!) from a kettle into a cup which is placed on the heads of other team-members. While the main player is pouring, all members are to keep silent. As long as a cup is poured till overflow, the team-member is eliminated. At the end of each round, the gamemaster totals the volume of water in the cups of players in each team. The team with most water wins. Favorite

Number of players: 5+ Time: 1min+ per round (depending on players) Ages: 12+ Props needed: Chopsticks, Various Beans (Rice/ Red/ Green/ Black/ Peas/ Corn), Plates Language: Any Location: Indoor The aim of the game is to transfer as many beans from one plate to another using only chopsticks in a limited time. Variation 1 Instead of setting a specific time, get the players to transfer the beans in a single breathe articulating the word “Beannnnnnn…”. At the end of the player’s breathe, his turn also ends and stops transferring beans. Variation 2 Instead of only using beans, players randomly select other materials to transfer (eg. skittles, MnMs, chocolates, macaroni, noodles). Favorite

Number of players: 6+ Time: 3min+ per game (depending on players) Ages: 12+ Props: Flour, Coins/ Notes or Cards, Tray or Plate Location: Outdoor This is a game where objects are placed on a tray and covered by flour. Players have to guess correctly what the objects are. In this case, you can use coins and/or notes – players guess what is the total amount of money placed on the tray. Besides using money, a card can be placed and players guess what the card(s) are. 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 match Players are grouped in teams and play against each other at one go. You may need a large enough tray/plate for the players to blow the flour away and also manoeuvre. Favorite

Number of players: 6+ Time: 3min+ per game (depending on players) Ages: 12+ Props: Balloon, water (water tap or hose to fill the balloons), pull up bar or an obstacle high enough to toss balloon over. Location: Outdoor This is a team relay game where players pass a water balloon to each other by tossing it over a pull up bar (or any obstacle that is above head level). The player/ team loses when the water balloon bursts during the pass. Favorite

Number of players: 6+ Time: 1min+ per game (depending on players) Ages: 12+ Props: Food Location: Indoor Mobile App: Sound Meter (Android) or Decibel X: dB, dBA Noise Meter (iOS) This is a silent game where players have to consume some food (snacks/ fruits) at as low volume as possible. Feel free to try different variations, for example: Players taking turns to eat and gamemaster supervises Players are grouped in teams to eat and gamemaster supervises Players take turns to eat and players who are not eating supervises Favorite

Number of players: 6+Time: 5min+ per game (depending on players)Ages: 12+Location: Indoor This game is played in rounds and can be played as a group game or individual game. For each round, the Gamemaster issues 1 word. Players are to act out the word with the same action. Group (in groups of 2s, 3s, 4s, or more)Players that act out the same action within the same group receives 1 point for each round. At the end of the game, the group with most points wins. Individual (By elimination or points)Elimination – Players who acts are the minority action in the round are eliminated. Game continues with less players and until 2 players are left. Points – Set number of rounds. Players that act the majority action gets 1 point. At the end of the game, player with the most points wins. Sample Action Words1. Heart2. Triangle3. Circle4. The Hulk5. Superman6. Praying7. Happy/ Angry8. A…

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Number of players: 5+Time: 2mins+ per game (depending on players)Ages: 7+Language: AnyLocation: Indoor This is an imaginative game where players take turns to hold an imaginary orange. The imaginary orange is passed from one player to the next. Here’s the catch, the next player receiving the imaginary orange has to act as if the imaginary orange has become larger. A player loses when he cannot show, with actions, that the imaginary orange is larger than the previous player’s. Players are encouraged to use exaggerated actions and sounds. Favorite