Running Man Goldfish (Taboo) – Game


Number of players: 6+
Time: 8min+ per game
Ages: 7+
Materials: Paper, Pen
Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Summary: This is a game where players survive by not acting/saying the taboo actions/words assigned to them.


  • Each players are given 2 post-its/ stickers and markers.
  • Each player to write 1 taboo action and 1 taboo word for another (specifically assigned) player on the post-its/ stickers
  • Players place their post-its/stickers with the words on somewhere visible to other players only (not visible to themselves and players’ are not supposed to know their own taboo words)
  • If post-its are not available, you can use A4 paper. Fold the paper in half and place it standing infront of each player – taboo words facing out.


  • All players to start normal conversations and try to get each other to act/saying the taboo action/words.
  • If a player acts/says their taboo action/words, that player gets a simple forfeit.
  • At anytime, a player can approach the gamemaster to guess their taboo actions/words.
  • If a player guesses their taboo words correctly, that action/word is removed from them for the game.
  • The last player to not guess all their taboo words losses.

Alternative point system:

  • Each time a player acts/says their taboo words, that player gets a point. Gamemaster keeps tracks of points or pastes small stickers on the player’s forearm to indicate points.
  • Rounds can be played (2 – 4mins per round), the game is paused and all players must guess their taboo words. If the player guesses their taboo word, it is striked off.
  • Depending on time, as many or as little rounds can be played.
  • Losers are those with the most demerit points.

For list of simple forfeits, here!

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