Simple Forfeits


Easy Forfeits

  • Swap socks with the person beside you
  • Do a funny dance
  • Write your name with your butt
  • Sing a song to the person beside you
  • The person performing the forfeit stands on a chair and pretends to be a statue, posing in whatever way the other players tell him.
  • Lick your elbow while singing an alphabet.
  • Impersonate a character
  • Spin around 7 timee
  • Do a funny pose until the end of the game
  • Do a pose instructed by the gamemaster or other players
  • Hold your nose while continuing the game
  • Push-ups

Forfeits with props

  • Put lipstick on the person the person beside you (blindfolded)
  • Get a moustache drawn on
  • Limbo under a bar
  • Blind dancing, the person puts on a blindfold and dances to music being played (can be silly music!)
  • Drink a sour or salty drink

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