Running Man Chopsticks Transfer – Game


Number of players: 5+
Time: 1min+ per round (depending on players)
Ages: 12+
Props needed: Chopsticks, Various Beans (Rice/ Red/ Green/ Black/ Peas/ Corn), Plates
Language: Any
Location: Indoor

The aim of the game is to transfer as many beans from one plate to another using only chopsticks in a limited time.

Variation 1
Instead of setting a specific time, get the players to transfer the beans in a single breathe articulating the word “Beannnnnnn…”. At the end of the player’s breathe, his turn also ends and stops transferring beans.

Variation 2
Instead of only using beans, players randomly select other materials to transfer (eg. skittles, MnMs, chocolates, macaroni, noodles).

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