Stand Up Sequence – Game


This is a simple and fast game that can be played for all ages.

Number of players: 7+
Time: 1min+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 7+
Location: Indoor

1) Players are standing in a circle at the start of the game.

2) A player is chosen randomly as the first player and he starts the game by shouting a number between 1 to 5. The players who are on the left of the first player and who are in the sequence of the called numbers must squat and stand quickly (including the first player).

3) For example,the number 3 is called. Players 1,2 and 3 squat and stand quickly. Player number 4 now gets the opportunity to call the next number. And the game goes on.

4) Players who are too slow to react or react wrongly are eliminated and the next round starts. Play till final 2 players remain.

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