Running Man Game of Wits – Game


This is a simple and fast game that can be played for all ages.

Number of players: 7+
Time: 1min+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 7+
Location: Indoor

1) Players are sitted or squatting at the start of the game.

2) At the voice of the gamemaster, the game begins with players standing up in sequence while shouting the numbers (also in sequence) at the same time.

3) The catch is that players myst not stand up at the same time while shouting the same sequential number.

4) Players who do so receive 1 penalty point. The last player also receives 1 penalty point.

5) Alternatively, players who receive penalty points can be eliminated from the game. Subsequent game starts with lesser players.


Players, instead of shouting the sequential number, answer to a theme provided by the gamemaster. Each answer has to be incremental in words in the order of sequence the player is in.

For example, with the theme of ‘Hows’ your day’
1st player to answer – Happy
2nd player to answer – Feeling Good
3rd player to answer – Never felt better
4th player to answer – It’s a good day
5th player to answer – I feel none like today!


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