Chain Drawings – Game


Number of players: 8+
Time: 1min+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 12+
Materials: Marker, Paper
Location: Indoor

Gamemaster sets a Word for all players to guess. The catch is that each player is given a clue about the Word but not the Word itself. A player is called out to draw their part of the clue and the whole group guesses what the Word is.

Game Variations

  1. Instead of a simple word, you may consider the following categories, Movies, Animals, Bible Characters, Countries, Idioms, Funny Sentence
  2. If you have more players, you may choose to insert these ‘clues’ to make the game more fun!
    a. White Clues – these are just blank clues and the player has to draw something, somehow!
    b. False Clues – these are clues which are the opposite of the word itself!

Group Variations

If you have more members, the game can be played in two groups – guessing the same word. Team that gets the closest guess wins.

Examples Words and Clues

  1. Movies (Star Wars) – Galaxy, Lasers, Battle, Robots, Monsters, Kung Fu
  2. Animals (Giraffe) – 4 Legs, Wild, Africa, Polka Dots, High, Trees
  3. Bible Characters (Joseph) – Egypt, Plagues, Brothers, Israel
  4. Countries/Cities (Singapore) – Asia, Little Red Dot, Money, Racial Harmony
  5. Idiom (An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away) – Illness, Doctor, Fruits,
  6. Funny Sentence (Jenny eating an orange while jumping on a skipping rope) – Girl, Fruits, Skipping, Rope, Jumping

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