React and Guess – Game


Number of players: 6+
Time: 5min+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 12+
Location: Indoor

This game can be played individually or in teams, depending on the number of players there are.

Each player is given a scenario and each has to react to their scenario. Other players guess what the scenario is. A hint should be given by the gamemaster prior to the reaction to make the game simpler.

Example scenarios and following hint in brackets:

  1. Jonah being eaten up by a big fish (Old Testament Bible story)
  2. Moses reciving the 10 commandments from God (Old Testament Bible story)
  3. David slaying Goliath (Old Testament Bible story)
  4. Jesus being baptised (New Testament Bible story)
  5. Reciving a letter to enroll into Hogwars (Movie)
  6. Winning the Olympic Gold Medal in 100m dash (Sports)
  7. Buying an ice cream and dropping it (Life Experience – Funny)
  8. Missing an airplane flight (Life Experience – Funny)
  9. Spilling hot coffee  (Life Experience – Funny)
  10. Being chased by a shark (Movie – Jaws)

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