Home Tabletop Soccer – Game


Number of players: 12 – 22
Time: 2 to 20mins (Depending on playtime)
Ages: 5+ reccomended (not suited for elders)
Items needed: Balloons, Post-Its (optional)
Location: Indoor/Outdoors (Preferably bigger space)
Language: Any

Position the players just like a Tabletop Soccer game. You may wish to mark the players with colored Post-Its to help them recognise which team they are from.

Reccomended basic rules:

  1. Players are to strickly keep their butts and hands on the ground. Only heads, bodies and legs are allowed – including goalkeepers.
  2. Players to remain in their spot only.
  3. Players who burst the ballon will serve a penalty or a point is given to the opposing team.
  4. Each round should be around 3mins.

Drop the balloon in the middle and the game starts! Gamemaster to referee and keep track of time.

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