Don’t point that Monkey – Game


This is a simple and fast game that can be played for all ages.

Number of players: 7+
Time: 1min+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 7+
Location: Indoor

Players in this game have 2 roles, either the ‘monkey’ or a normal player. There is only 1 monkey at any one time.

1) A ‘monkey’ is selected at random to start the game.

2) The ‘monkey’ goes sequentially to each player and points either to his Eyes, Nose, Mouth or Ears (body parts).

3) The player which the ‘monkey’ is at has to say the part which the ‘monkey’ is not point to.
For example, if the ‘monkey’ points to his Eyes, the player can say Nose, Mouth or Ears.
If the ‘monkey’ points to his Eyes and the player says Eyes, the player becomes the next ‘monkey’ and gets 1 point.

4) The game goes on and on until a player gets 3 points.

This game is similar to the Korean game, Cham Cham Cham.


1) If the ‘monkey’ fails to pass his role, he is allowed to face any players – in a non-sequential manner.

2) The body parts can be changed from time to time, for example: Head, Should, Hands, Feet. When the body parts are changed, all players must be informed.

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