Running Man Lee Kwang Soo Game – Game


Number of players: 5+
Time: Quick and Fast
Ages: 7+ reccomended (better for adults)
Language: Any

The Running Man Lee Kwang Soo Game is a fast 2 syllabes game of chance.

1) Game master issues a 2 syllables word (eg. HIPPO) to the players on his left.
2) The two players reply immediately with either syllable. (ie. HIP or PO)
3) If both players reply with the same syllable, then both players gets one chance of penalty.
4) If both players reply with different syllables, both players survive.
5) The game is played in clockwise sequence, following player issues a 2 syllabus word to the player on his/her left and both players challenge.

1) Pairs play turn by turn and are eliminated if they reply with the same syllable

Note: This game is edited for bigger groups to play instead of a pair.

This game appeared on running Man episode 401.

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