Word Snake – Game


Number of players: 3+
Time: 2mins+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 7+
Language: Any
Location: Indoor

The gamemaster starts the game by issuing a word to the first player (eg. Apple). Players take turn to say a word created from the alphabet of the last issued word.

For example,
Gamemaster: Apple
Player1: Elephant
Player 2: Tank
Player 3: Kid

The aim of the game is for every successive player to say a new word while keeping a fast pace. Players who hesitate or cannot come up with a word (in 3 seconds) would be eleminated. Players should sit in a circle or in a manner where it is possible to speak in sequence.


  1. Using a theme for the words constructed (Military, Positive Words, Kitchen Appliances)
  2. Using words with minimum number of characters (eg. words with at least 4 alphabets)



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