Running Man Telepathy Music – Game


Number of players: 5+
Time: 1mins+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 7+
Items needed: Headphones/ earphones (that will block out noise from outside)
Language: Any
Location: Indoor

This game can be played within one or many groups.

One group

Gamemaster chooses 1 player to put on headphones where loud music is played through them. A words are given to the other players. In a given time (1min), the other players would give clues at the same time to the player wearing headphones to guess the word.

Players take turn to wear the headphones to guess. Player with most correct guesses wins.

Pairs, two groups and more

The difference is that only 1 other player would give clues instead of all other players doing so at the same time. Players rotate roles and everyone is given a chance to play each role.

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