Wishing Well – Game


Number of players: 6+
Time: 5-10mins+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 7+
Materials: Water, a bowl or small plate, a pail that can store water and is bigger than the bowl (or plate), coins of 2 designs
Location: Indoor/Outdoor


Fill the pail with water and place the bowl to the bottom of the pail.

As described in the diagram, players are divided into two groups and stand in the positions to prepare. Players in group Blue recieves a set of coins (in same design) and players in group Red recieve a set of coins in another design.


Players are given a time limit (1min) to toss their coins into the bowl. At the end of a round, gamemaser checks the number of coins in each design that fall into the bowl. Team who has most coins of their design in the bowl wins!

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