Heart Attack – Game


Number of players: 4+
Time: 30 sec+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 5+
Materials: Deck of cards (poker, uno, match, snap cards)
Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Preperation: Set of 4 same cards for each player is to be prepared prior to the start of the game. Shuffle all the prepared cards before each round and deal 4 cards facing down to each player.

The aim of the game is for a player to get a set of 4 same cards, he or she wins by shouting heart attack! Losing players then race to stack both their hands on top of each other in the middle and the winner gets to wack the top of the stack (players can withdraw their hands quickly to avoid getting smacked!).

Players exchange cards to their left at the same time, at the count of the game master.

Alternative to smacking of hands, is for the winner to do a funny/random action and the rest of the players are to imitate. The last player who discovers there’s a winner and tries to imitate gets a penalty! You’ll be surprised at how slow players are to react! For this alternative, the winner doesn’t shout heart art attack.

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