Sa, Fan Sa – Game


Sa, Fan Sa is a fast paced game that will get your members in attention very quickly.

Number of players: 7+
Time: 3mins+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 7+
Location: Indoor

Have your members seated in a circle as the game will be played in sequence – to a player’s left or right. The purpose is to do an action which would pass the game in a certain direction. Below are the list of actions a player can choose from:

  1. Sound: Sa
    Action: Move your hand in the direction of flow
    Effect: Next player in the flow continues with game
  2. Sound: Fan sa
    Action: Hold both hands together
    Effect: The ‘Sa’ direction is reversed, previous person’s turn
  3. Sound: Bomb
    Action: Two hands forward clearly showing which targeted player
    Effect: Targeted player to hold both his ears with his hands saying ‘Ah!’. Players on the left and right to hold their ear which is closest to the targeted player, saying ‘Aiyoh!’.
  4. Sound: Shoot
    Action: Point two fingers  to targeted player
    Effect: Targeted player has to say [1] ‘Dodge! (and move sideways) or [2] ‘Blocked’ (and show a X with hands). For [1], it is back to the 1st player’s turn. For [2], targeted player can do any action.

The first player starts with the basic action (Sa) and selects a direction (left or right). The second player can select any of the actions listed above.

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