Blanket Game – Game


Number of players: 10+
Time: 5min+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 5+
Materials: Blanket
Location: Indoor/ Outdoor

The aim of the game is to know or remember the names of all members.

1) Split your players into 2 groups and have them sit facing each other (in no particular order).
2) Game master to hold up blanket and get 1 active player from each group to sit forward towards the blanket.
3) At the count of the game master, the blanket goes down.
4) Both active players are to shout the opposing team’s active player’s name. The player that says it fastest wins.
5) The game goes on and players take turns.

To make the game interesting, players can be made to sit back facing each other. Or a simple math problem is given by the game master and the players have to correctly solve the problem before shouting the opposing team’s active player name.

If you have more space, you can consider having the players do 5 elephant spins (back arch, head and body towards the ground and turn voluntarily!) before shouting the opposing team’s active player name.

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