Spirit Touch Your Church – Kent Henry


          G                  Em
Lord, we need Your grace and mercy
            C                D
We need to pray like never before
             Em                  C
We need the power of your Holy Spirit
    Am    C        D
To open Heaven's door

        C           D      Bm                Em
Spirit touch Your church, stir the hearts of men
   C        D             Bm            Em
Revive us Lord with your passion once again
            C       D     
I want to care for others
      Bm             Em
Like Jesus cares for me
          C    D         G    D
Let your rain fall upon me
          G                Em
Lord we humbly come before You
            C                    D
We don't deserve of You what we ask
        Em                C
But we yearn to see Your glory
    Am    C         D
Restore this dying land

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