Word Telepathy – Game


Number of players: 6+
Time: 2mins+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 6+
Language: Any

This is a game played in rounds with the game master giving a Word.
Players are dividing into 3 to 5 groups, depending on the number of players that you have.

In each round:

  1. One representative from each group comes forward as a player (for example, 3 groups, then 3 players).
  2. Gamemaster gives the Word.
  3. All players shout another word that comes to their mind.
  4. Gamemaster hands out points and records the accumulated points for each group.

Point system

  • When at least 2 players shout the same word, the groups which they are in get a point each.
  • When all players shout the same word, 2 points are given to all groups.
  • When all players shout a different word, no points are given.

Sample of Words

  • One of the players’ name
  • Hiking
  • Cooking
  • Church
  • Bible
  • Lunch

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