Great Is Your Faithfulness – Martin Smith



Am            G       C
Great, Your faithfulness
F         C      Dm       G
O God my Father, O God my friend
Am           G     C
Your love it never fades
F           C        Dm        G
And so I'll love You until the end

F                      G
When shadows fall, You never change
F                    G
From age to age, You never change

C              Dm  C  G           Dm   C  F
Great is Your faithfulness, Your faithfulness
    C                             G
Through the years, You've always been there
C             Dm    C   G       Dm   C   F
Great is Your love for us, Your love for us
              Dm                    G
Through the years, You'll always be there

Am          G         C
Great, Your kindness, God
F           C            Dm       G
You are our shelter, our dwelling place
Am            G      C
Your presence like a fire
F           C       Dm            G
Hope for tomorrow, strength for today

F                            C         G
We will stand, we will stand upon Your promises
F                                        C          G
We are strong, we are strong because our hope is in You
We will run, we will run, we will run
F                               C
We belong, we belong, we belong to You
To You


Great your faithfulness
O god my father
O god my friend
Your love it never fades
And so I’ll love you until the end

When shadows fall
You never change
From age to age
You never change

Great is your faithfulness your faithfulness
Through the years you’ve always been there
Great is your love for us your love for us
Through the years you’ll always be there

Great your kindness god
You are our shelter our dwelling place
Your presence like a fire
Hope for tomorrow strength for today

We will stand we will stand upon your promises
We are strong we are strong
Because our hope is in you
We will run we will run we will run
We belong we belong we belong to you to you

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