Spot the Difference – Game


Number of players: 8+
Time: 1min+ per game (depending on players)
Ages: 12+
Location: Indoor

This game can be played individually or in teams, depending on the number of players.

Each player takes turn changing their appearance slightly (see examples below) and all other players make guesses what have changed.


  1. To not embarrase anyone, give players 1-2min to observe each other while catching up.
  2. The challenging player goes out of the room to change his/her appearance (see examples below) within 30secs.
  3. The challenging player comes back to the room and the other players have 30secs to make guesses.
  4. For each correct guess, a player recieves 1 point. For each changed apperance that was not guessed, the challenging player recieves 1 point.
  5. Repeat the entire routine while keeping note of the points given. Player with the most points wins.

The game can be played in pairs/teams as well. Each team changes the apperance together and the other teams guess. Point system works the same except that they are awarded to teams and not individual players.


  1. Wear/remove/changing a watch, bracelet, belt, earrings, hat, sock
  2. Changing hair parting/style
  3. Draw a mole on the face/hand/feet
  4. Folding up sleeves
  5. Cuff the pants
  6. Put a big (or obvious) object such as a big handphone in a pocket
  7. Button/unbutton a top

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